TB Skin Test Interpretation

14 Jun

I apologize, it’s been a while since we’ve posted.  Since our last post we’ve expanded our program to cover both our critical care area as well as two acute medical wards.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t leave a lot of time to blog.  Although we have many topics we could cover and share. I am hoping to  post some of our results from our program.

I had an excellent discussion with one of our CRITCARE nurses regarding positive tuberculin skin tests (TST).   Dan suggested we use the tstin3d tool (see link below).

I tried it out for funsies.   The last time I had a TST it was negative but if it were positive today the likelihood of this being a true positive test is 34.17% (PPV).  My annual risk of TB is estimated to be 0.03%  It also provides cumulative risk of active TB until age 80 and risk of  drug induced hepatitis from INH and probability of hospitalization from hepatitis.  Very cool tool!  Thanks Dan!

Check it out ! Hope you find it helpful.


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